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‘Examining the powerful drive that leads men and women literally to shed their skins gubarand -- in mind and body -- to cross the boundary of sex, Prosser argues that sex change is, at best, a narrative -- thus transsexuals make for adept and absorbing authors.'

Light in the dark room.jpg

‘When we look at a photograph we see a moment that is no more. Photographs place reality into the past tense, representing not memory but memory’s loss. They are not conduits for
the return of memory, but memento mori: reminders of the fact of death itself. And it is in this, Jay Prosser tells us, that we find the gift of photography.’

Picturing Atrocity.jpg

It is impossible to look at photographs of violence and suffering without questioning our role as voyeur. Are we desensitized by the proliferation of images? Or do they stir our sense of justice and act as a call to arms?

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