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Voices of Sephardi/Mizrahi Memory: A Conversation

A conversation with photographer and writer Leslie Hakim-Dowek and Sephardi Voices curator, Bea Lewkowicz.

Interview with Georgia Hennessey Jackson on why memoir

Interview with Georgia Hennesy Jackson on why memoir
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I have been blessed with MANY wonderful students over the years. In this interview for Leeds Student Radio, Georgia Hennessey Jackson chats to me about about family memoir – why it matters, how to do it, and which our favourites are. Wait for the music; this is student radio after all.

Tracking the Mahallah

Why was the Jewish area of Singapore named with an Arabic term?  In this talk I suggest that the Jews of Singapore brought their Ottoman Empire pasts with them, in naming their neighbourhood ‘mahallah’ (literally, ‘encampment’).

The Salonican Jewish Shoe Sole

I discovered this amazing Jewish shoe sole in the University of Leeds library. In a talk I gave for the Jewish Historical Society of England, I read it as a poignant symbol of the Holocaust in Greece, and of the traumatic relationships between Jews and Greeks in the city of Salonica.

Radio interviews

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Why and how to record a loved one's family history? Conversation and call-in with ABC Radio

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